Anthony Crutcher

Anthony started practicing yoga some 25 years ago to help him reduce and manage work related stress. He began teaching himself using a book titled “Yoga 28 Day Exercise Plan” by Richard Hittleman. He was self taught for over three years before he ever took a class with an instructor. As soon as he started taking classes with a skilled teacher, his inner world took on a new dimension, his practice deepened, and his stress levels diminished while his overall well-being increased. This inspired him to share yoga with others and become a yoga teacher.

Anthony believes in a slower, more mindful form of yoga, and that is what you can expect to experience in his classes. He believes that when we slow down and tune in to our movements, we can experience mind-body connections on a deeper, more subtle level. Anthony views his role as that of a guide who takes students on an inward journey of self-discovery; giving them space and time to discover and experience their own individual beauty, strength, balance, peace and acceptance.

When he isn’t teaching, Anthony enjoys gardening, writing poetry and woodcarving.


Mina Chong

Mina first started practicing yoga in 2005. She became a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching yoga since 2006. In her classes, you can expect creative, safe and effective exercises, and healing touch.

Mina believes that anyone can practice yoga, and her classes are all about showing up, doing what you can, and enjoying healthy movement. Mina loves to share her time and be of service to others, she also loves to cook/bake, and enjoys the occasional binge watching shows on Netflix(it’s all about balance).


Jeanette Jordan

Jeanette first started doing yoga in 2013, and became a 200hr certified instructor in January of 2015. Her journey started when she was a new mom, who was looking for a way to stay active and create space for herself that felt meaningful.

In 2016 Jeanette pursued a license in massage therapy to increase her knowledge of the human body and its functions. This forever changed her yoga practice, and she now teaches a unique style of yoga that is a blend of therapeutic stretch, strengthening, and somatic meditation.

When she isn’t teaching yoga, Jeanette loves to play the ukulele, sing, hike, and read.