Class Descriptions

Fascia Flow

Fascia Flow is a mixture of Myofascial Release principles, somatic movement, and yoga. This class invites more primal movement into your practice and allows for more organic flow and less structure around posing and posturing. Fascia Flow is a unique combination of the traditional yoga poses we know and love, infused with the Myofascial Unwinding principles developed by Physical Therapist John F. Barnes. The focus of this class is to bring balance to our structure through movement and awareness, as well as building strength and increasing overall wellbeing.

Level 1 Yoga

This class offers a variety of stretching exercises and some core & leg workout. No matter what your current fitness level is! Exercising the joints keeps them functional and helps keep your remaining pain free. 

Yin Yoga

Yin is a practice of mainly seated postures that are held in position for 3-6 minutes.  The postures are mainly targeted towards the spine, hips and joints.  Props are used to enable support and to adjust the practice to your physicality.  This class is great for all levels.

Gentle Yoga

This class is designed to revitalize your body, relax your mind, increase flexibility and reduce stress. Classes include gentle stretches, breath work, classic yoga postures, relaxation methods and subtle movements to increase range of motion of the major joints.  All classes are back-friendly, with modifications offered when needed.

All Levels Yoga

Challenge yourself with this active yoga practice.  This practice emphasizes breath, alignment and stability in the asana, with somatic awareness as a key component. 

Align & Refine Yoga

Class focuses on releasing muscular tension using Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement  (SATYA) combined with principals of alignment to practice and refine basic yoga postures. Class is good for beginners and those seeking to deepen and refine their yoga practice